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Monday, January 21, 2008

Is It Possible To Have An Outbound Conference Call

A common concern for many when trying to decide what options are available when using a conference call provider is whether they can make an outbound conference call.

This is actually a very important question and it is one you should seek the answer to from any service provider you use. Unless you are looking for a deeply discounted conference call plan, the ability to make an outbound conference call should be a standard feature. This feature should not only be standard but it should also be easy to use. The last thing you need when in the middle of a teleconference is to mistakenly hang up or mute the other participants unintentionally.

Check the details of a conference calling plan carefully to make sure that you know for sure what kind of service is offered. It is unfortunate but there are many conference call providers that claim to include many extra features as a part of their basic package. Many have been burned by unscrupulous practices like this as they find out later that these additional services add up to additional fees and are in fact not a part of the basic package.

Making an outbound conference call should a simple process that you can do without the assistance of an operator. Conference call providers that use operators are usually charging a higher rate because operators increase cost to the provider, which of course is passed down to you.

In order to avoid being overcharged and to keep your conferencing costs affordable, go with a service provider that only charges a simple flat fee that includes all of the services you are looking for. Double check the wording of the calling plan to find out if an outbound conference call is part of the standard package.


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Friday, November 30, 2007

The Best Conference Call Services For Business

Q. I truly think that a conference call service is something my business can use. What are some available conference call services for business needs?

A. Conference call services for business need range from very to simple to very elaborate. Whether or not you are able to benefit from these services is entirely dependent upon the type of business you are in, average budget and also whether or not this is a one time thing, or is it going to be frequent? Since none of this information was specified, I'll just cover them all. First of all, the question as to what exactly is a conference call service? Well a conference call service is basically a company that does all of the legwork involved in a conference call for you. All you have to do is decide what time you want the conference call and who you are inviting. They handle everything else. A lot of conference call services for business provide walk through and instructional information on how to get the most out of their service. Answering questions like how will callers get connected? What in session option are available? How to go about using those options? The list goes on.

What a conference call service does is simply make all of this available to you as easy as possible. Some conference call services for business offer the option to use advanced services. Services like audio and video web conferencing are becoming more popular and are becoming more affordable. As far as the service options available, again it depends on the type of business you are involved in. Will you be able to communicate effectively using only audio conferencing?

Is it possible you will have some visual information that needs to be shared? If so consider web conferencing. Web conferencing allows for the sharing of visual information while on a conference call. Do you have clients that would like to meet you but travel would be too costly? Consider using the video services. No matter what you choose conference calling services for business providers should make choosing a very simple process.


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Friday, November 23, 2007

Affordable Conference Calling

Conference calling services are offered by many telecommunication companies and are also available online, but the cost of such services may vary and are usually high. Affordable conference calling services are hard to find, but when considering the features provided and the performance of the services, the costs are nominal and reasonable. Low cost conference calling companies offer full service, reservation-less and flat rate conference calling plans that are perfect for any business. Attractive features like editing participants' information in the attendee roster and including new participants beyond the said limit help calling company's gain more rapport with the conference organizing company and committee.

Conference calling can be conducted without making a reservation or using an operator and Through automation, participants are informed about the call, the time to call in, along with the phone number and participant entry codes that are given in the individual's confirmation card. All of the participants are asked to dial the specified telephone number, enter the entry code, and they are automatically entered into the conference call. The call begins when the chairperson, who is hosting the conference, enters the conference call. Additional labor expenses are not involved, thereby saving both time and money. Conference calling companies understand that affordable messaging conference calling is essential for any growing business and strive to make the conference call run as smooth as possible.

Most vendors offer conference calls at low costs that do not require reservations. Their conference calling system is a fully automated solution. A permanent, toll-free call-in number and entry code is given to the participants, and they have to pay only for the minutes used. Some vendors even waive the setup fees and do not require minimum usage cost. Inexpensive and affordable conference calling systems gives the advantage of buying minutes in bulk with volume discounts. These calling services may be affordable, but they do not necessarily lack options and always-on conferencing, call management over the Internet and instant activation for free.


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Monday, November 19, 2007

Conference Call Services - Easy, Cheap, Effective

Conference call services are service providers facilitating conference call facilities to all those who want to perform an audio or web conference at a short notice. The clients can avail their services for a definite fee - that may vary from service provider to provider - and the users in turn are offered the best of services and support all through the session. The costs of a session are generally affordable, especially when compared with the expenses of a business travel and hotel accommodations, but may vary from one provider to the other. But, irrespective of the service provider, at the end of the day, the user may find that conference call services are the most cost effective way to arrange a trans-continental business meeting.

The conference call services – as offered by the conference call service providers – vary from simple audio conferencing to web conferencing, and each comes with different schemes and special offers. Audio conference call services or audio conference calls are for those who want to communicate things verbally, the same way as one does in a round table meeting, without any visual data exchange. On the other hand, web conference calling involves not only talking, but the participants can also see each other and share a document or parts of a document online if wished so. Audio conference call services are usually charged on a per minute basis while online conference calls levies a fee on a per seat per month basis. It may be $100-150 for a web conference session on an average and $60 for audio conferencing. Concessional rates may be offered to those who are using these conference call services quite frequently.

The communication domain is a fast changing one and hence it is only a matter of time before newer and better technologies emerge and replace the existing ones. In other words, web and audio conferencing, as it exists now, may be substituted by newer technologies in the near future. But until that happens, business will continue to rely on conference call services for their mass business communication, as a cheaper alternative for the costlier business travels, since conference call services are easy, cheap, and effective.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Cheap Conference Calls for Beginners

Conference calls have become one of the easiest ways to communicate with your business clients or partners. Nowadays there are several companies offering conference call facilities to all those who need to perform an audio or video conferencing at a short notice. Though conference call services are considered as an efficient and money saving option when compared with business travel and hotel accommodations, small business will find conference calls as a costly option. This is where cheap conference call services lend a helping hand. Majority of the companies offering cheap conference calls for beginners do not need reservations. Let us look of how cheap conference calls work.

Most of the conference calling is done in a fully automated fashion. The customer will be provided with a toll free call-in number which the customer can give to their clients of participants. What the customer need is to pay for the minutes he had used the facility. All the transactions will be provided in detail in an easy to read bill at the end of each month. There are certain cheap conference call providers who even waive the setup fees and also don’t ask for any minimum usage fee.

With the advent of cheap conference calls, a customer can also take the advantage of buying minutes in bulk. Most cheap conference call providers also provide large volume discounts. That is, if the customer purchases more monthly minutes, then the service will be provided with a cheaper or discounted per minute rate. For cheap conference calling the customers need not have to purchase any additional equipment other than a telephone system. With cheap conference calling, a customer can arrange conferences for two to 200 people.

Cheap conference calling does not mean that it lacks many options of the ordinary conference calling. Cheap conference calling come with call management over the web, always on conferencing, and free instant activation.

Majority of the companies maintain their own conference call bridges and other telephone infrastructure. This helps them to provide cheap conference calls to their subscribers without having to increase the markup prices to cover overheads.


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